Visual inspection system based on a Keyence microscope


IDC develops and builds a semi-automatic inspection system for lenses for a Swiss customer. Based on the Keyence VHX video microscope, the specially designed tripod with motorized XY stage and the specially developed software ScanXpro, a complete system for the automatic scanning of substrates up to 300mm is created. The acquired images are stitched together, classified with the IDC software ClassX and documented with a “Visual Inspection Map”.

Automatic optical inspection system (AOI)


IDC is responsible for the project of a fully automated inspection system for semiconductor lasers. With two software developers the entire system is set up, the processes defined and put into operation. A second AOI has now been delivered and is supported by IDC.

Sinter press / contacting station


In the semiconductor industry, new processes are being launched for the production of IGBTs for power modules. IDC develops and builds innovative modules for the company Haecker Automation, which are used as sintering presses up to 10KN and 300°C or as contacting stations for electrical tests. Video

The ultra-compact design allows the integration of several modules into a micro assembly system of the OurPlant series:

3D tire scanner


Reading and evaluating the labels on tire sidewalls automatically is a challenge. Especially if the tire is not rotating as usual but is transported on a conveyor belt. Different tire sizes and double-sided scanning impose high demands on software and hardware.
IDC develops and builds a prototype for a large logistics center in Switzerland. We have proven the feasibility of this project with a cooperation partner in Switzerland specialized in 3D data acquisition and analysis.

Fully Automatic Cast Part Machining


IDC implements a fully automated turnkey machinery for cast part machining in the automotive supplier industry. The concept is based on a double-portal automation system which moves the workpieces to the machining tools on two stations. The milling movement is carried out by the portal, the drilling movement by the tool heads.

Fully Automatic Test System for Casted Parts


IDC implements a turnkey solution for the automatic testing (optical and tactile) of casted parts as well as marking defective parts. In addition to the tactile test, a visual system for optical quality control is used. The system inspects and measures up to two million parts per year.

Large diesel turbo-test stand


IDC develops together with the customer a test stand for measuring turbine blades of radial compressors during operation. This system transfers the highest speeds and power to the test item with two opposing flat belts. A robust steel box (shown in gray in the picture) protects against dangerous damage to the test specimens during operation.

Tunnel-Laser scanner


System for scanning the environment from a moving train. The main component consists of two high speed spindles that deflect a measuring laser beam radially. During the ride of the train, a virtual tunnel is scanned in 3D. IDC, together with the customer, takes over the development, builds the prototypes and the special spindles required for the rough operating conditions.

Guiding system for brain tumor biopsies


Surgical interventions through the skull calotte are often performed with long and thin instruments through a thumb hole. In order to define the path beforehand and to be able to guide the instrument during surgery, the inner guide sleeve is pre-positioned and fixed accordingly. This aid is made entirely of plastic. IDC has developed this concept together with the University Hospital of Zurich.