We are the specialists for automated microscopy, optical inspection, software development and precision engineering. The management’s 25 years of experience in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry and in precision mechanical engineering is the basis for the realization of our projects.

The IDC Management

Thorleif Brandsberg
Thorleif Brandsberg
+41 44 480 14 86
Thorleif is IDC’s frontman. He has a “hands-on” mentality and is a doer who quickly adapts to new situations. With 25 years of experience in special machine design, mainly in the semiconductor industry, he primarily takes care of IDC MicroInspection.
Fredrik Brandsberg
Fredrik Brandsberg
+41 44 480 14 88
Fredrik is an innovator with many years of experience in engineering. He thinks outside the box and tackles projects with a systematical approach. When developing new business models and strategies, he feels particularly comfortable and consults companies and individuals.

Our Milestones

Founding of the company IDC Innovation Design Center GmbH in 2006 on Lake Zurich with the aim of developing sustainable and innovative precision machines. With two CAD workstations the first order is successfully implemented: the development and production of a packaging system for poultry. Further systems for industrial automation are introduced and the IDC team expands. The relocation to Thalwil to premises with its own workshop opens up new possibilities for the development and manufacture of special systems and modules such as innovative tyre grippers.

The development and manufacture of a fully automatic casting machining centre as general contractor for a Swiss client becomes a milestone for the company.

The financial crisis in 2009 leads to partly massive changes in the mechanical engineering industry. IDC accepts the challenge and expands its competencies with the development of an internal gear grinding machine. The highest possible grinding quality is achieved and sets new standards in this field. The system is used for grinding components of the Solar Impulse project. In 2012, the internal gear grinding machine is sold to a well-known Swiss machine manufacturer, which is building up worldwide sales.

Structural market changes as well as globalization also lead to a shift and expansion of core competencies at IDC. Smaller high-tech modules as well as quality control by optical inspection are gaining priority. From now on, IDC specializes in these future-oriented topics. The management is expanded with this expertise. Various orders for OEM modules and an automatic optical inspection system for the semiconductor industry can be realized.

A sustainable cooperation with Keyence and IDC as integrator is established in 2017. The first VHX video microscope is automated with a special tripod, a large XY stage and in-house developed software.

Today IDC is the specialist for automated microscopy, optical inspection, software development and precision engineering. The 25 years of management experience in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry and medical technology is the basis for the implementation of all our projects.