3D tire scanner


Reading and evaluating the labels on tire sidewalls automatically is a challenge. Especially if the tire is not rotating as usual but is transported on a conveyor belt. Different tire sizes and double-sided scanning impose high demands on software and hardware.
IDC develops and builds a prototype for a large logistics center in Switzerland. We have proven the feasibility of this project with a cooperation partner in Switzerland specialized in 3D data acquisition and analysis.

Gear grinding machine for internal gears


IDC develops and builds its own internal profile grinding machine, which is unique in the world. Internal helical gears can be produced with complicated corrections and highest accuracy. The heart of the machine is the directly driven hollow shaft with a continuous inner diameter of 400mm.

Fully Automatic Cast Part Machining


IDC implements a fully automated turnkey machinery for cast part machining in the automotive supplier industry. The concept is based on a double-portal automation system which moves the workpieces to the machining tools on two stations. The milling movement is carried out by the portal, the drilling movement by the tool heads.

Extra flat tire gripper


In the cross to cross stacking of car tires, the space conditions for a gripper system are always very limited. IDC develops a special solution with a super flat gripper for robot systems. The gripper is fixed to the grey flange on a robot. Small retractable clamping jaws grip the tire from the inside outwards.

High dynamic automation system


IDC develops together with the customer an automation system for highly dynamic processes. Low manufacturing costs for large quantities are key criteria for the conceptual design. With innovative approaches, a system with very few components has been developed.