Software for unlimited stitching of microscopy images

Extension for Keyence VHX video microscope

With the extended stitching area, you can scan an overview image of your entire sample and still see the smallest details, even when zooming.

With our ScanX software in compination with a VHX microscope with motorized stage opens new dimensions in the field of image stitching.

The easy-to-use IDC control software takes over the entire process. Program the area you want to represent, select the magnification and start the process.

Software for automatic scanning

Extension for Keyence VHX video microscope

Program unlimited positions with just a few clicks and scan them automatically. If required, each position can also be stitched with several images.

Our software ScanX pro offers the same functionality as the ScanX but with a higher degree of automation and additional features.

With a few clicks you can program the scan positions e.g. in a matrix with rows and columns, define the different scan parameters and start the process.

Large motorized stage for VHX video microscope

Extended scan area of up to 320mm / 12.5″

Now even large specimens can be scanned with the VHX video microscope.

Our motorized tripod extends the travel range of the VHX video microscope up to 320mm / 12.5″. The easy to use control software ScanX / ScanXpro handles the entire process. Thereby we combine the high functionality of the VHX with our sophisticated positioning and control unit to an optimally matched overall system.

Technical data for standard system:

XY travel rangeg: 210 x 210mm or 320 x 320mm

Z-travel range: 50mm* motorized incl. autofocus

Stange surface: 305 x 305 or 405 x 405mm

* An additional manual Z adjustment is optionally available.

Classification of scanned images

Scroll through and rate captured images quickly and efficiently

Whether it’s a handful or thousands of captured images, the IDC ClassX software lets you browse and rate them with ease….

…. – independent of the microscope, also on another PC or while the next scan is already running. Finally, you can export the rasults to an Excel VI-Map.

Customer-specific export filters are possible.

Software for database connection

Plugin for Keyence VHX video microscope

Automatic extraction of metadata for database connections and image management.

Programming of customer-specific interfaces possible.