IDC competences

Automatic, high-resolution component imaging

Imaging components in high-resolution, classify for quality assurance & archiving you can achieve with our automated microscopes.

In order to serve specific requirements, we extend the systems with specific options which we apply selectively to your needs. For example, IDC designs solutions with large travel ranges, customer specific work holders or additional cameras with deflection mirrors and interfaces.

Thanks to special optics we achieve resolutions < 1µm. Recorded images can be stored as a single or as a high-resolution stitched image.

A remarkably easy way of programming allows automatic travel & scanning of various magazines & components.

Through our partnership with Keyence we offer automation for the VHX-6000 microscope with standard- or customer specific stands.

Increasing process reliability & automatic inspection

IDC’s large partner network contains, among others, specialists for factory automation & inspection systems.

We use cameras & sensors speAuto.cifically to your requirements & needs. We also implement our own products wherever needed & useful, e.g. coolant resistant cameras for interior monitoring of processing machinery. Our camera module with integrated lighting and heat protection shield can be used within blow mold machines.

Test stand design

Do you need a test stand for your quality control?

IDC develops & builds tailor-made test stands and equipment. We are specialized in combining various measuring methods – optical or tactile with a background database for measurement value storage and processing. We create custom specific interfaces in order to connect the system seamlessly into your existing structure.

Relief for your R&D department

We support you with professional & scheduling capacity bottlenecks – directly on site, remotely or from our offices near Lake Zurich.

We are very familiar with Solidworks, NX & Inventor. Our multidisciplinary team delivers specific knowledge and new approaches into your projects. We are able to adjust to your current situation immediately and are quickly and straight-forward at your disposal.

Design & integration of special modules

Often the CAD design of a specific module is “just” the first important step.

Mostly our customers need a total solution & a prototype in advance. We as well program software interfaces ourselves and integrate sensors, scanners and 3rd party cameras. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of engineering we are able to access a large number of products and specifically accommodate your needs.

Functional models & prototypes

Would a functional model or prototype be of help to you?

Having something tangible on hand to realize first tests simplifies a lot. Often our customers don’t have the time nor possibilities themselves. We are proud to call a workshop our own and have a large network of long-term partners, with whom we are able to react to such requirements quickly and uncomplicatedly. Some of our employees went through vocational training as poly-mechanic with additional education as mechanical engineer.

Nothing stands in the way to build a functional module or prototype with us.

Cost Optimization

There are several approaches to reduce costs, e.g. reviewing production methods and material.

Via Reverse-Engineering, calculation & simulation we go even further and break new ground. After prior consultation with you we question the status quo and rely on exchanging experiences, our open-minded point of view and our know-how.

Quite often we achieve successful results due to our lateral thinking and unconventional, new approaches.

Systematic failure analysis

Hubert Bächli is our expert with more than a decade of experience as a calculation engineer for highly stressed machinery.

Solidworks Prof. Simulation, NX and Ansys are part of our tools as well as the use of our long-standing know-how within this area. As a base we develop a calculation incl. a detailed report- Additionally you may benefit from our expertise to define & realize design adjustments based on the results.

Extending parts’ & modules’ field of application

IDC supports you to find faster, lighter & more solid solutions at lower cost & with less wear & tear.

We reproduce your modules via CAD & analyze critical components & tensions. Through reverse engineering and design studies we systematically achieve optimized components with respect to the available installation space. We calculate new options, proof the results and as well build the corresponding prototype on demand.