IDC – then and now

IDC was founded 13 years ago with the objective of launching sustainable and innovative technical products on the market. During the past decade, we have gathered extensive experience and know-how in the field of design services. In addition, we have developed and realized a completely individual product for gear grinding -the Profiler machine. Today, we can offer our clients individual, technical solutions and services, which comprise subprojects and overall implementation solutions. Furthermore, IDC is currently also expanding its technical sector “development of innovative business models” as a service for clients and individual solutions.

All-rounders and unconventional thinkers

IDC’s team consists of doers with a wide-ranging know-how. Besides design services, we support our clients in terms of project leadership or act as consultants in specific technical fields. We think ahead and develop individual ideas for successful products for our clients.

Thorleif Brandsberg
Thorleif BrandsbergGeneral Manager
+41 44 480 14 86
Thorleif is IDC’s frontman. He has a “hands-on” mentality and is a doer who quickly adapts to new situations. He has a profound knowledge of special machine design and the semiconductor industry.
Fredrik Brandsberg
Fredrik BrandsbergInnovation Manager
+41 44 480 14 88
Frederik is an innovator with many years of experience in engineering. He thinks outside the box and tackles projects with a systematical approach.
Mark Anderson
Mark AndersonEngineering
+41 44 480 14 84
Mark is a highly motivated thinker with extensive experience in the field of engineering. He is familiar with different CAD systems and brings a breath of fresh air in to the team. As a mechanical engineer, he has a strong practice-oriented focus.
Martin Hager
Martin HagerSenior Software Developer
+41 44 480 14 87
As a software specialist, Martin complements our team with his expertise. With over 25 years of experience in the areas of development, consulting and training, he brings a broad and profound know-how to the implementation of our projects.

Together we are stronger and more efficient

Our partner network is very important to us. We have been working closely together with our strategic partners for many years and are able to offer comprehensive solutions. Depending on the client and the project, the composition changes, but we all have the same philosophy: We would like to offer our clients the best and most innovative solution.

IDC conceptualize, construct and realize